Capt. Jon’s Journal

Capt. Jon was club treasurer for a couple years. He’s a retired military man that has owned and lived on a sailboat for several years. He is now living the dream that most of us barely dare to even dream. He and his cat (Ruby) have shaken loose from port and are adventuring, venturing from berth to berth as whim wills. After leaving the Mississippi Gulf Coast, he crossed the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. He crossed Florida by rivers, lakes, and canals to the Atlantic. The northern shores of Chesapeake Bay, up around Norfolk, VA, provide safe haven during hurricane season. But the adventures of “down island” living call mightily.

Capt. writes us emails to keep us informed of his adventures. Click on the sailboat below to read these messages and view the many pictures he includes.

He also maintains a website of his own that gives specifics about his boat and offers other insights into his life and his journey. Click on the lighthouse below to visit his site.

Capt. can be reached at if he wants to be reached. What a life. We all envy you, Capt. Take care on your journeys.