Membership Information

  Membership in the Towns Around Biloxi Parrot Head Club (TABPHC) is open to everyone. All members receive a quarterly newsletter and are eligible to participate in all TABPHC and PHiP sanctioned events.

  TABPHC has a reciprocal membership agreement with the New Orleans, Mobile, and Montgomery Parrot Head Club's. This allows all of our members to participate in each other club's events at the same cost as regular club members.

  TABPHC holds bi-weekly meetings, the location and times are listed on our Events page.

  1st Year
     $30.00/Parrot Head -- $55.00/Parrot Head Couple
     (Includes Club T-Shirt / T-Shirts)
  Subsequent Years
     $20.00/Parrot Head -- $35.00/Parrot Head Couple

Make checks payable to:

Please include the following information:
     Shirt size/sizes

Mail to:
     7800 Rue Morgan
     Ocean Springs, Ms. 39564