Pictures 2000

Sunny Jim & Jim Morris
Gulf Coast Highway Tour
June 2 - Huck's Cove (Gautier, MS)
The party begins.  Rumor has it that some folks arrived by 2:30 p.m. David presented both Jims with TABPHC t-shirts. Current and past presidents pose with the guys. The crowd is still warming up. One more posed shot please guys.  Thanks to Mark for hosting such an excellent parrothead event
Jim Morris and Sunny Jim in action.  What a great show this was!! We had a great crowd and signed up some new members. Our friends from St. Louis plus Thumper (Mobile).  (LtoR) Chrissy, Thumper, Kim, Robin Sunny Jim fans came all the way from TX to see him in concert. No Sunny Jim, it's not a 'stuck conga line'.  It's the Biloxi Bobsled.
These were the biggest Bobsleds ever.  Our entertainers were very impressed by our creation. Chrissy & Thumper love to dance. Our new TX friend helps out by tossing the rubber chicken - you had to be there to understand. Now it's CONGA time ! More conga! Our conga lines were some of the biggest Huck's has ever seen.

June 3 - The Wharf House (Mobile, AL)
Charlotte started the day off by welcoming everyone. Kelley, Elizabeth and Jennifer had sunny, comfortable seating for the afternoon show. Jim Morris Sunny Jim TABPHC had a good group at this show.  Looks like Thumper wants to be adopted.

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